AiryxOS open desktop operating system

AiryxOS Screenshots

AiryxOS "Tanuki" pre-release screenshots

Note: these are not the final look - just a preview of what to expect

Fun with the new open command: Reveal In Filer (open -R) and pipe input to default text editor (open -f)
The new system ('tree') menu and About dialog
The new Tanuki splash screen :)

0.3.0pre Plasma Desktop

Here you can see the source of a Cocoa sample app using AppKit and the runtime dependencies of the resulting executable. Also shown are some screens of the
0.3.0pre Cocoa sample app. The Cocoa sample app launched from Filer and showing global menu integration. Also shown is the KDE font viewer and some system fonts.
The 0.3.0pre KDE lock screen.

More to come soon!