Finesse of macOS. Freedom of FreeBSD.

We love macOS, but we’re not a fan of the ever-closing hardware and ecosystem. So we created airyxOS — an OS aimed to provide the finesse of macOS with the freedom of FreeBSD.

This is a developer preview image that’s mainly intended for helping build the system. We recommend running in a virtual machine, although it should work on any hardware supported by FreeBSD 12.2 with at least 4GB (8GB recommended) RAM.

Project Goals

Features that you’d love.

We intend to bring many of the features you’ve come to love from macOS to airyxOS like clean design, global menus, and drag-and-drop installs.


We’ve got your apps covered.

All of your FreeBSD ports and apps, Linux apps, and even trivial Darwin & macOS binaries can now run on airyxOS. And we’re actively working on improving it!

Get Involved

Don’t be shy, come talk.

If this sounds like your dream system, please help us make it a reality! We’ve got a Discord, IRC, and Matrix. Chats are bridged.


Sometimes we get covered.

Console issue #67 featured us along with an interview! LinuxGameCast also gave us a quick look in their LWDW episode 287.


Stay up-to date.

Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop of freshest features and fixes we've pushed.